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Online appointment for registration

Click the window of “Pre-registration for Visitors” at homepage of official website and fill out the relevant information in the pre-registration window and submit it. The submitted information will be generated into the two-dimension code and sent to the personal email box. The visitors may get into the complex against the card transferred from the two-dimension code.


Registration by scanning the two-dimension code

Visitors without reservation may scan the site registration two-dimension code, which can be automatically adjusted into the registration page. In case of a successful registration, the two-dimension code will be shown, so the visitor may pick up the chest card at the check-in against the two-dimension code.


Fill out Registration Form at the site

After the visitor arrives at the site and receives the registration form to immediately fill out the form as required, the visitor may hand it over to the working staff in exchange of the chest card for entrance.


Admission Instructions

  • 1) All participants are required to enter into the complex through the security check channel set up at the site to ensure the security of visitors and participating enterprises. It is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into the complex, etc.

  • 2) NIIAE is a profession expo, so visitors improperly or sloppily dressed or taking pet animals are strictly prohibited from admission.

  • 3) Take care of the personal belongings in moving around in the complex.

  • 4) Be polite and in good manners in moving around in the complex and conscientiously maintain orders within the complex and the surrounding area and follow the arrangement of the site working staff in emergency.

  • 5) No organization or individual shall be allowed to conduct the survey, opinion poll, donation or contribution within the complex without the written permission from the organizing committee.

  • 6) The right of interpretation of activities of this session resides in the NIIAE Organizing Committee.


Visiting Time

  •     09:00-16:30 on July19, 2019

  •     09:00-16:30 on July20, 2019

  •     09:00-16:30 on July21, 2019


Location of the site registration

No. 7 Pavilion of Nanjing International Exhibition Center.