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Intelligent Production: Agricultural IoT, Agricultural UAV and the Application of Robots, Agricultural Aviation Application Technology and Spraying Equipment, Agricultural Aviation Remote Sensing Technology, Agricultural Aviation Supplies, Agricultural Aviation Safety Equipment, all kinds of Energy-efficient Plant Protection Machinery, Intelligent Weeding Robot, Air Suspension Sprinkling and Spraying Machine, Fruit and Vegetable Intelligent Sorting Equipment, Fruit and Vegetable Picking Robot and other high-tech products, Intelligent Control, Environmental Perception, Remote Monitoring, Decision-making Management, Automatic Control, Precise Operating and Fine Breeding.

E-commerce: B2C Agricultural Products (for customers) Sales Service Providers, B2B Agricultural Products (for agricultural production) Sales Service Providers, Logistics Service Provider, Agricultural E-commerce Business Incubation Service Institutions.

Intelligent Management: Agricultural Resources Management, Database Application, Command and Dispatch, Monitoring, Informatization Management, Technology Service, Financial Service Enterprises.

Services for Agricultural Information: New Technology of Agriculture, E-commerce, Network and other training services.